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Universal Weatherproofing Kit For Connectors And Antennas
Item No.: WK-WT-221213
Application: Cell tower weather proof
Size/Spc: Detail as below
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Linerless Self-Amalgamating Rubber Splicing Tape
Item No.: WT-RT-130C
Material: EPR
Regular Size:0.76mm*9.1m*19/25/38mm
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EPR Rubber Mastic Tape, Self-Fusing Tape
Item No.: WT-CPT-2228
Material: Rubber + Mastic Regular
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Electrical Semi-Conducting Tape
Item No.:WT-RT-13
Material: EPR
Regular Size:19mm x 0.76mm x 4.5m
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High Voltage Rubber Self-Amalgamating Splicing Tape
Item No.: WT-RT-23
Material: EPR Rubber
Liner: Snakeskin Liner / Black Liner / White Liner
Regular Size: 0.76mm*9.1m*19/25/38mm
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Electrical Insulation Putty Tape
Item No.: WT-RT-FIL
Size/Spec: detail as below
Function: insulation and moisture sealing can use to replace 3M scotchfil
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Butyl Insulating Mastic Tape And Pads
Item No.: WT-MT-2229
Material: Butyl Mastic
Regular Size: 25MMX3.2MMX3M
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Insulating PVC Electrical Tape
Item No.: WT-PVCT
Material: PVC
Size: 19mm/50mm*0.19mm*20m
ROSH 2.0 Certification, CAC Certification
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Butyl Mastic Tape, Mastic Sealant For Water And Humidity Resistant
Item No.: WK-BMT-2212
Material: Butyl mastic
Sie: All size is available
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Sealing Mastic Strip, Butyl Mastic Tape, Mastic Sealant
Item No.: WT-MT-MS
Material: Butyl Mastics
Sie: All size is avaible
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Fire And Electric Arc Proofing Tape
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Electrical Super PVC Tape, Similar As 3M 33+
Item No.: WT-PVCT-33
Material: PVC
Regular Size: 19mm*20m*0.18mm
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High Voltage Rubber Splicing Tape
Item No.: WT-RT23
Size: 19mmx0.76mmx9.1m, 25mmx0.76mmx9.1m, 38mmx0.76mmx9.1m
Material: EPR
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Vinyl Mastic Tape
Item No.:WT-CPT-VM
Material: Vinyl PVC tape + Mastic Tape
Regular size:38mmX0.635mmX6m
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Colored 3/4 In PVC Electrical Tape
Item No.: WT-PVCT
Material: PVC
Size: 19mm*0.19mm*20m
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2 In Electrical Insulation PVC Tape
Item No.: WT-PVCT-50
Material: PVC
Regular size: 50mm*6m*0.19mm
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Self-Fusing Silicone Rubber Electrical Tape
Item No.:WT-ST-70
Material: Silicone Rubber
Regular Size:25 mm x 0.30mm x 9m
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