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HDG Telecom is a leading manufacturer and integrator of cell tower material. Our company is specialized in the research, development and production of RF coaxial accessories and weather-proofing products. We can supply customers with a total communication accessories in wireless site. For more information, please contact us and welcome to visit to our website: www.chinahdg.com, www.hdg-telecom.com.

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    Bell And Huawei Carry Out 5G Tests In Canada
    Bell is expanding investment in small cell infrastructure ahead of 5G and Huawei in talks with Indian telcos for 5G innovation
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  • Total Solution For Coaxial Cable Grounding Kit
    4.3-10 Male Connector For 1/2 In Superflex Coaxial Cable
    Gel Seal Weatherproofing Enclosure For 1/2 In Jumper With 4.3-10 Connector To Antenna & Devices
    Gel Seal Closure For 1/2 In Jumper Cable With 7/16 DIN Connector To Antenna & RRU
    Universal Weatherproofing Kit For Connectors And Antennas
    Clip-on Grounding Kit For 7/8 In Coax Cable