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SPCS Series Silicone Cold Shrink Tube

SPCS series.
Materials: solid silicone rubber.
Replaceable 3M 8440 series cold shrink connector insulators.

Product Details

SPCS series Silicone cold shrink tube

SPCS Series cold shrink tubes are open-ended, silicone rubber, tubular sleeves. The sleeves are factory expanded and assembled onto a removable supporting plastic core.

Each rubber assembly is supplied for field installation in the pre-stretched condition. As the core is unwound, the insulating sleeve shrinks to form a tight seal.

It is widely used in telecommunication and CATV industry for connector weatherproofing.
1.Simple installation.
2. No tool or heat required.
3. Seals tight, retains its resiliency and pressure even after years of aging and exposure.
4. Resists moisture.
5. Wide range, size accommodation.
6. Resists acids and alkalies.
7. Resists ozone and ultraviolet light.
8. Resists fluid splashes.
9. Resists fire - will not support flame.
10. Operating temperature range- -60℃ ~ 200℃

Regular sizes:

silicone cold shrink tubing.jpg


1. SPCS series cold shrink tube, is partially equivalent to 3M 8440 series cold shrink connector insulator.

2. Regular color is black or grey. Customized color also available by request.

EPDM material cold shrink.jpg

EPDM material cold shrink tubings

Cold shrink tubings also available for EPDM materials, which is more hard and durable.

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