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Lace-up Hoisting Grip For Coaxial Cable And Elliptical Waveguide

Item No.:HG-L
Material:Tinned-bronze or Galvanized Steel

Product Details

Lace-up hoisting grip for coaxial cable and waveguide

Lace-up hoisting grip is designed for middle part of the coaxial cable and elliptical waveguide, which is applied to wire's hauling, fixing and dragging. It provides an effective means for hoisting coax and elliptical waveguide into position and can be utilized to provide additional support once in place.

The lace-up design allows the hoisting grip to be attached even when the run has been connectorized and facilitates easy positioning at 200 (61m) increments on long coax runs.


Application : coax support

Size  : 3/8" to 2-1/4"

Feature :  Lace up at any point on coax

Design :  Open mesh with single eye support

Material :  Galvanized steel or Tinned bronze

Include :  Mesh Grip, lacing wire, instruction

Product code

TypeItem No.DescriptionOverall lengthMesh length

Lace up

HG38-L3/8" coax & LMR400
HG12-L1/2" coax & LMR60045cm(17.72")
HG58-L5/8" coax & LMR90050cm(19.69")25cm(9.84")
HG78-L7/8" coax & LMR120068cm(26.77")34cm(13.39")
HG114-L1-1/4" coax & LMR170099cm(38.98")
HG158-L1-5/8" coax115cm(45.28")70cm(27.56")
HG214-L2-1/4" coax130cm(51.18")90cm(35.43")

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