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Gel Seal Closure For 7/8 In Cable To Antenna

Gel Seal Closure For 7/8 In Cable To Antenna

Item No.: GSC-78ANT
Spec: 7/8" To Antenna Via DIN 7/16 Connector

Product Details

Gel Seal Closure For 7/8 In Cable To Antenna

Item No.: GSC-78ANT, is used to quickly seal 7/8"-to-antenna coax connection on wireless cell tower. The connector should be 7/16 DIN connector.

In this application, the 7/8" feeder cable is directly connected to panel antenna without 1/2" jumper cable. It can help to reduce the loss of signal. 


  • The installation of gel seal closure is quick and simple. Avoid the time-consuming weatherproofing job using the universal butyl tapes and mastics.

  • The built-in soft gel ensure a reliable waterproof performace with IP68 rate.

  • Easily openable when inspection needed, and reusable after inspection finished.

  • Allow no disconnection of the cable system when install or uninstall the gel seal closures.

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