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Gel Seal Weatherproofing Enclosure For 1/2 In Jumper With 4.3-10 Connector To Antenna & Devices

Item No.: GSC-12RRU
Spec: 1/2" Cable To Antenna or Devices Via 4.3-10 connector

Product Details

Item No. GSC-12RRU, is a weatherproofing enclosure designed to quickly seal 1/2" jumper cable with 4.3-10 connector to antenna or Remote Radio Unit (RRU) etc devices for 4G/5G wireless networking.

Matched cable:1/2" superflex or 1/2" flex cable
Matched connector:4.3-10 connector, or 4.1-9.5 connector

As antennas is becoming more densely populated with RF connectors as a result of Multiple In Multiple Out (MIMO) antenna requirements or LTE and the trend toward multi-band multi-service antennas, weatherproofing is becoming challenging and time consuming.  Our compact gel seal weatherproofing enclosure can be your right choice.

Due to its clam shell design, the weatherproofing enclosure can be installed after the connection is complete at the antenna or RRU. It can be opened, removed and re-installed without disconnection of the network, thereby avoiding signal interruptions and replacement costs.

For DIN 7/16 connector weatherproofing enclosure, please click following link:

weatherproofing enclosure GSC-12ANT.jpg

Weatherproofing Enclosure For 7/16 DIN

Item No.: GSC-12ANT

Matched cable: 1/2" jumper cable.

Matched connector: 7/16 DIN connector

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