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Gel Seal Closure For 1/2 In Jumper Cable To 7/8 In Feeder Cable

Item No.: GSC-7812
Spec: 1/2" To 7/8" Coax In-line Connection

Product Details

Gel seal for In-line connector between 1/2" jumper cable to 7/8" feeder cable.

Item No.: GSC-7812

Catagory: RF coax accessories

Application: Weatherproofing solution for wireless cellphone tower

  Dimention of the In-line connector:

connection size.jpg

  The gel seal GSC-7812,  the inlet port is 1/2" jumper cable with cable OD range at 13.0-17.0mm. It is compatible for  the nominal 1/2" flexible and super flexible cable. 

  The outlet port is 7/8" feeder cable with cable OD range at 27.0-29.0mm, which almost include all the 7/8" RF coaxial cables from different cable manufacturers.

  The In-line connector can be 7/16 DIN connector, 4.3-10 connector, N connector or other coaxial connectors meet the required size limitation.


Advantages of gel seal:

-- 1. Openable and Reusable without disconnection of the coax network.

-- 2. Quick installation, just take seconds.

-- 3. Easy installation and keep reliable IP68 sealing. Less installer-dependent.

Substitute and Replacement.

  For customer's reference, our gel seal GSC-7812, is equivalent to Tyco gel seal GSIC-1/2-7/8, and also Eupen eucaseal ES-12-78, and can be used as substitue against them. 

Application reference:

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full series gel seal.png

Full series size of

gel seal

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