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Gel Seal Closure For 1/2 In Grounding Kit

Gel Seal Closure For 1/2 In Grounding Kit

Item No.: GSC-12GROUND
Spec: 1/2" Grounding Kit Weatherproofing Enclosure

Product Details

Gel seal closure for 1/2" coax grounding kit

Item No. GSC-12GROUND, is a waterproof junction box designed to quickly seal 1/2" coax grounding kit.

-- Inlet: 1/2" coaxial cable.

-- Outlet: 1/2" coaxial cable & grounding wire.

-- Grounding kit: clip-on type, or other types by our approval.


soft gel built-in.jpg

Built-in Soft gel

The innovative soft gel surrounding the juntion box, insure a reliable IP68 waterproofing barrier against outside moisture and water.

-- The installation is quick and simple, don't need tools, don't need tapes or mastics.

-- This waterproof junction box is openable and reusable.

-- Allow no disconnection when opened for maintenance.

ODM & OEM service also available.

We can design the waterproof junction box according to your cable splice sizes & situations.

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