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Clip-on Grounding Kit For 7/8 In Coax Cable

Clip-on Grounding Kit For 7/8 In Coax Cable

Item No.:GKA-CO78-0.6
Spec:For 7/8" coaxial cable

Product Details

Product Name: Clip-on ground kits for 7/8 in coaxial cable


Clip-on ground kits for 7/8 in coaxial cable are an advanced type for coaxial cable grounding, providing an easy installation as well as dependable protection of coaxial cable system. The designed clip design and pre-formed strap allow the clip-on ground kits to be easily slipped over the coaxial cable’s outer conductor.

The latch was optimized to provide a secure fix maximizing performance by ensuring proper contact surface area and pressure.

Components & material of clip-on grounding kit:

◆ Contact: high quality copper strap;

◆ Grounding clamp: per-formed copper strap;

◆ Grounding / earthing cable:16mm2 or 25mm2 BV or BVR copper wire for earthing to buss bar;

◆ Copper lugs: 16-8, 25-8 tin plated copper lugs to connect to grounding bar;

◆ Installation accessories: stainless steel 304.

Item No. Description
Clip-on grounding kit for 1/4 in coaxial cable
GK-CO38 Clip-on grounding kit for 3/8 in coaxial cable 
GK-CO12 Clip-on grounding kit for 1/2 in coaxial cable
GK-CO78 Clip-on grounding kit for 7/8 in coaxial cable
GK-CO114 Clip-on grounding kit for 1-1/4 in coaxial cable
GK-CO158 Clip-on grounding kit for 1-5/8 in coaxial cable



HDG TELECOM’s grounding kits are designed for a better contact between grounding kit & coaxial cable. With high quality copper clip. This type of grounding kit is with a low contact resistant. Butyl & tape will ensure a better waterproof performance. Grounding kits protect base tower stations against lightning strikes. Resist trike electricity more than 70KA. For more information, contact us directly. Email: sales@chinahdg.com ,Phone:0086-592-6896280.

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