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Universal Angle Adapter For Snap-in Hangers, 34 Thru Hole

Universal Angle Adapter For Snap-in Hangers, 34 Thru Hole

Item No.: CH-AA-34
Spec: two 3/4"hole mounting stackable snap-in, 3/8" hole accept butterfly hanger
Material: 304 stainless steel

Product Details

Product Description

This adapter is used to snap-in hanger on each side of the block, also can be used together with angle adapter or tower standoff. Secure coaxial cable to any round or angle tower members where pre-punched holes are not easily accessible. The pre-punched 3/4 inch hole mount cable hangers like snap-in to tower or other structures.

Product Series

Universal Angle Adapter - (2) 3/4" holes for snap-in hangers with one insert for conversion to a 3/8" tapped hole for butterfly hangers or threaded rods.

Snap-In Angle Adapters - (2) 3/4" holes for snap-in hangers.

Angle Adapters - (2) 3/8" tapped holes for butterfly hangers or threaded rod.

angle adapter for hgd.jpg


Wider opening (1") than competing brands allows more versatility in mounting

Two 3/4" holes accept snap-in hangers

CommScope Code: UA-3

angle adapter with hardware kits.jpg


Two 3/4" mounting holes for snap-in hangers

10 adapter washers included.

These washers convert the 3/4" holes to threaded 3/8" holes

Square head tensioning bolts, fillister screws with lockwasher and inserts included

CommScope Code: 294571

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